What's New

‌Foreign Language Collection

Williwaw Elementary's student population is wonderfully diverse. We value the need of students to be able to see themselves in books that they read. We also value keeping and making connections to first languages and culture. Thanks to donors through a Donor's Choose grant received in Fall 2015, the Williwaw Library has a new foreign language collection. We now have books in Tagalog, Hmong, Spanish, Yup'ik, Samoan, and more. They are very popular with our students!





Scan Home Owl's Nest

Coming Summer 2016! A special reading area designed and donated by Scan Home, our newest School Business Partner developed in February 2016.

Williwaw's 5th Graders are working to create a large paper mache tree for this new reading area in the library. We are grateful to The Home Depot for donating supplies for the tree. The owl is our school mascot. The tree will hold an owl's nest that will represent our school family. Each member of our school family, children and adults alike, will choose and contribute one piece for the owl's nest. The owl's nest will also represent our diversity, and our strength when we work together as a school family. 



Little Free Library

Coming Summer of 2016! A Little Free Library designed and built by Hillside Rotary Club. The Little Free Library will be a wonderful free resource for books for Williwaw students especially during summer months.