Behavior Expectations

Common Areas Expectations

· I will put all my trash in the hot lunch container, and gently slide it across the table.
· I will walk slowly to my seat and remain seated.
· I will listen to all adults and raise my hand for permission or assistance.
· I will use a voice level 1 while standing in line waiting for food.
· I will sit in the order that I enter.
· I will say “please” and “thank you”.
· I will use a voice level 1-2 facing forward only talking with my shoulder partner.
· I will make safe choices and ignore distractions.
· I will use KELSO’S choices to keep problems small.
· I will be prepared with my gear, and keep it organized.
· I will use my time wisely.


School Wide Assemblies:
· I will stay in my personal space keeping my hands and feet to myself.
· I will face forward sitting criss-cross.
· I will use active listening with a voice level 0.
· I will use appropriate ways to show appreciation.
· I will use the restroom before an assembly.
· I will follow directions and ignore any distractions.


Special classrooms:
· I will wait for instructions at the stop sign.
· I will enter using walking feet with a voice level 0.
· I will keep my hands and feet to self.
· I will share and take care of all materials and equipment.
· I will use kind words.
· I will participate and be an active listener.
· I will follow directions the 1st time.
· I will help and encourage others.
· I will use the safe place when needed.


· I will follow directions given by adults and line up when the whistle is blown.
· I will use equipment correctly and put it away when done.
· I will keep small problems small by using Kelso’s choices and report big problems to the adult on the playground.
· I will get a pass from and adult for bathroom or the nurse.
· I will allow others to join and play.
· I will find a safe place to cool down if I need a break.


Morning Walk/Arrival
· I will arrive no earlier then 8:30am.
· I will use the cross walk and wait for the crossing guard.
· I will walk straight to the MPR when I arrive.
· I will sit quietly with my grade level and keep my voice at a level 2 while in the MPR.
· I will raise my hand to ask permission to leave the MPR.
· I will stay on the sidewalk behind the leading adult.
· I will use appropriate language, at a voice level 0 or 1.
· I will keep my hands, feet, body and objects to myself.
· I will wait my turn to enter in the assigned door for my grade level.
· I will use walking feet and remove my hat or hood when entering the building.
· I will wait for an adult before entering the classroom.
· I will use Kelso’s choices to solve small problems.


· I will use kind words, appropriate language and be a positive role model.
· I will follow directions from staff.
· I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.
· I will use walking feet and walk only on the sidewalk.
· I will go directly to my car/bus or walk home.
· I will wait in my assigned zone if my ride is not here.


Friday Food Bags:
· I will keep all food items in the bag, in my backpack until I get home and I will remind others to do the same.
· I will only take the bags my family need.


· I will walk on the 3rd square and leave space in front of me.
· I will keep my eyes forward, and my hands and feet to my self.
· I will have a voice level 0-1 as directed by my teacher and greet my friends silently.
· I will ignore distractions.
· I will carry a pass when alone.


· I will use the restroom quickly and quietly.
· I will gently close the stall doors and flush the toilet when done.
· I will wash my hands with soap and water and return to class.